In the dynamic sphere of music, Sarah Ebhodaghe OBOH, better known as Dope Caesar, has been creating ripples and winning over both party lovers and music aficionados. Making enchanting party-goers “Watch The Mix.” This highly respected DJ and genuine music enthusiast, who calls Lagos, Nigeria her home, is fast becoming a prominent figure in the music scene with her captivating transitions and high-energy performances. Her journey in the music industry, now spanning over six years, began at the Vibes DJ Academy, where she quickly earned her spot as one of the standout pupils. With a blend of zeal, resolve, distinct mixing talent, and a palpable knack for music, Dope Caesar set out on her journey to fame, and she continues to ascend in her stellar trajectory.

Her favorite genres and musical inspirations shift with every phase she progresses through in her journey. In her formative years, she was unknowingly influenced by the music her parents had a taste for. Her father, mother, and uncle each had their own unique musical preferences, spanning genres like reggae, dancehall, and blues, to name a few. As she matured and began to develop her own musical palate, she found herself enamored with pop music. There was a time in her life when she was utterly captivated by boy bands, such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and Westlife. Each distinct era she navigated through permitted her to genuinely appreciate the diversity of music.

Janet Omouwa OBOH has been leading Dope Ceaser’s management since 22nd July 2023.



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